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All of our hosting is cloud based and managed so that they maintain more uptime and stability. Our hosting services of course include maintenance work within them as we will personally manage anything hosted by us. Usually the web hosing services are done in conjunction with the web development and / or web design service(s) but we can negotiate to handle it separately.

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All of the hosting is managed hosting. It is monitored and maintained by Bento4ME. It is cloud based and will work seamlessly so it should be up the majority of the time. Any downtime should be unnoticeable. If any issues do arise through actions by Bento4ME, then we will fix those issues ourselves as quickly as possible.

This depends on the project and its scale. Anything that includes hosting services includes a monthly charge, however, based on any maintenance or upkeep required.

Of course! These services are exactly what Bento4ME specializes in. Contact us and we will make your project happen.

Yes, any hostnames are part of the costs during our negotiation processes.

Technically, unlimited. But of course there is no such thing as unlimited in the hosting world. If suddenly you are using a lot more bandwidth than you state that you will be expecting then we reserve the right to review the costs as this can and does effect the costs and infrastructure for all of our services. We aren’t unreasonable about this so this shouldn’t be an issue unless it is a significant change.


  • Scalable and Fast: As we use managed and cloud based hosting for all of the projects it is scalable and the speed will be noticeable. So, if you suddenly need more resources we can discuss this!
  • Personally Maintained: We personally maintain the sites hosted by Bento4ME so that they keep running.
  • Cloud Based: Due to being cloud based this is what makes it scalable and able to expand as needed.
  • Development and Design Available: Can provide development and design work as part of your project.

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