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Web Development would be used for implementing new features or customizations to your website that cannot be implemented through regular design. An assortment of languages and technologies can be used in this whether you use WordPress or a customized web site. Feel free to contact us and we will find a solution for you whether it is a small scale tool or an enterprise level web based application.

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Yes, there is knowledge within an assortment of systems in the backend, frontend, and the database.

It depends on your needs. Web development can cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars to, well, the sky is the limit. Sometimes when a project seems small to a prospective customer it isn’t, and sometimes it is bigger than what is perceived. It is possible to charge either by a quoted amount or the hourly amount for web development work. A quoted amount will keep your costs secure, whereas an hourly amount could either end up being more or less. If done by a quoted amount we will specify exactly how many revisions it will cover.

Yes, all work is warrantied up to a period of six months after it is done. Any quoted costs accounts for testing anything that is developed so if anything is missed after it is stated that the work is done then it is considered under warranty. That means actual bug fixes will be done without cost.

Yes, just send a message with details about your project and we can setup a payment plan to handle it. Of course for long term projects we would require regular payments to keep working on it. But we can work with you to get a good plan together for this.

Yes, for consultation work on small projects generally we would charge hourly for this but we can do this. If you need us to look at a project or idea and just provide input it is still possible to work with you on this.


  • Many Languages: PHP, JavaScript, NodeJS, and more
  • Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, etc
  • Frameworks: ReactJS, AngularJS, jQuery, and more!
  • Monthly Plans: Monthly plans are available to allow for regular monitoring, hosting, and updates

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