Located within Kelowna, British Columbia, Bento4ME is bringing in modern designs and technologies into the construction of your website or web based application. The business was begun by a Web Developer by the name of Chris Brine whom was educated through the British Columbia Institute of Technology along side Vancouver Island University. The primary of his education was focused on web based technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, ReactJS, MongoDB, along with numerous other languages, databases, and cloud based enterprise infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services.

Upon graduation from school, Chris had immediately worked toward implementing his knowledge into creating new features for various websites and services. Just some of his experience was used toward creating numerous products sold through this website. Some cannot be shown due to NDAs (non disclosure agreements).

If you are interested in receiving any services from Bento4ME, then feel free to contact us and we will gladly work with you to enhance your web based business solutions so as to better reach your cliental.

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